kid project


My quest to outshine the TV continues. Tuesday I bribed the boys to go to the store by promising them a trip through the garden department. I let them pick out the flowers they liked and then we brought them home and started working on a place to plant them.


I had a lonely pressure treated 1x8 in the garage that was begging to be a raised flower bed. I made all the cuts with the saw but I let the kids drill the pocket holes and put in most of the screws (Caleb, they only stripped about six).


Yes, he has a topknot. The length of his hair is a common topic of discussion around here. He does not want it cut.


The boys put one coat of stain on the planter and one coat on the garage floor. Hindsight and all that. I should have put down plastic. Thankfully, their clothes escaped mostly unscathed.


It was so hot outside the stain dried within minutes and we planted the flowers right away.


A little color for the henhouse. I think Babs and Ginger were smitten.

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