lake, cake and a father’s day photo


The weekend was all about the return of peanut butter jelly smiles on concrete picnic benches, spanish moss scarves, something divine called Mississippi mud cake and how many rocks can we toss in Lake Oliver. In other words, it was Father’s Day and Caleb’s birthday all in one weekend so we ate a lot of cake and we hung out at the marina.


Lake water is a special brand of intoxication. And we live pretty close to three or four. So I’ll let you in on a little secret. We sit at the marina and breathe in our fix, watch the boats launching from the ramp or pulling around to refuel and we dream a little.

009 007 005

Batman has bright orange flipflops this summer. I cringe every time I look at them. And then I promise myself next time I will praise the gaudiest pair on the rack knowing he’ll pick the exact opposite and I’ll be looking at something a little less neon. Hopefully.

003 004 011

This may be the end of Jackson’s long hair. He has developed a head jerking, hair tossing habit which is close to driving Caleb and me up the wall. Not to mention he dredged it in his salad dressing Saturday night.

012 010 013

Sunday I failed to produce the requested cinnamon rolls for breakfast, but the boys and I did make a Mississippi mud cake. And we’re lobbying to change the name. How about Here today, gone tomorrow cake or heaven in a 9x13.


Monday morning when Caleb asked me what we should feed the boys for breakfast I sprightly replied “Let them eat cake.” Yeah. And that was before coffee.


After church father’s day photo.

Happy Tuesday all.