Summer is in full swing around here. For us that means sporadic afternoons of extreme activity punctuated by days of undeniable laziness. And there’s also the shirt and shoes allergy. It hits every summer so I’ve just come to expect it as a byproduct of boyhood. All my attempts to leave the house are accompanied by these two questions: “Where are we going?” and “Do I have to wear a shirt and shoes?”


Lunch has become our together meal because everyone fends for themselves at breakfast during the summer. Our synchronized 6:30 mornings have slowly spread out to get-up-whenever. And most days I’m the very last one out of bed. Which makes me feel both lazy and guilty.


I try to make up for it by keeping us well stocked in the baked goods department. And I’m learning that summer doesn’t have to be all about an extreme adventure every day. Quiet afternoons are equally wonderful.


Simple things are just as great as complicated ones. Like waking to fresh omelet ingredients. And hens that cluck with happiness when I arrive at the door with a salad of cabbage and kale.


Babs tightrope walking the coop


The kids are happiest when you put off that load of laundry and spend time with them instead. Most of my summer memories from childhood include wet grass stuck to my feet, so I think we’re on the right path. And truthfully, I’d rather be dog tired from pushing them down a waterslide 10,000 times than from any other reason.



Anonymous said…
way to go mom....123 me