a walk through AU


You guys. If you’re an Auburn fan, you probably recognize the building behind the boys and like this post already. And if you aren’t, well, I promise you won’t hear me mention football (other than just now). Because we all know how bitter the rivalry is within the South. And I’m not one of those who likes to drive people away just because I pull for a certain football team or live so close to its town. Tis a game and all that usual disclaimer.

Having said that, we are Auburn fans and I don’t know how we’ve lived here as long as we have and never taken the boys to the campus, or walked down the main street and had lemonade at Toomer’s corner. Probably because I was afraid of being devastated if they weren’t sufficiently thrilled by being in this town. The town. That I have loved since.. forever.

So this was near the top of my summer list and we hit main street in full force on Tuesday. We crossed all four intersections at Toomer’s, got mixed up with a campus tour group, bought hats in the bookstore, circled the stadium on foot, drank lemonade, almost got hit by a golf cart, and said “war eagle” to everyone we passed (the boys, not me). I needn’t have worried about their enthusiasm. 

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Anonymous said…
Yes, Yes , Yes to this post! 123 me
Sarah T. said…
This post makes me so happy and so excited to move back. War eagle!!!!
NANNY said…
You are raising Jackson AND Jonathan right! Just sayin'.
Love-Aunt Nanny