chicks at 12 weeks


I had to look at the calendar and count weeks because Summer always makes me loose track. Half the time I don’t know what day it is. Forget keeping up with chicken birthdays. But when I counted up this morning I realized the chicks were 12 weeks yesterday. Yay! Happy Birthday to you! And now we can officially move them in with the adults. Oh wait. That was over and done a month ago.

As far as early integration goes, I’m not sure I’d recommend it. We did it out of necessity, but I can see why it’d be more prudent to wait. For one thing, our chicks are very skittish now. Maybe it comes from spending the day trying to avoid Babs and Ginger, but they duck and run at the slightest sound or quick movement. Also, they’ve had to be quick at the feeder and consequently tend to peck first and look later. I hope this is something they grow out of and I will one day be able to wear fingernail polish again.


Emu starting to sport some green hue.


Lady G gets picked on the most. Probably because she’s the prettiest.


Still unnamed Dark Brahma. Maybe next week.


Anonymous said…
These are georgous chicken pics. I can't believe how much I am thinking about how nice they would look on a wall........what am I thinking? Anyway, keep on taking and posting. I love you. m.