Saturday in instagrams

We decided to max out our “make up 4th of July” on Saturday, fearless style. Good thing, too, because it kicked off with me finding two rubber snakes in my bed Friday night. I don’t know what kind of satisfaction Jackson hoped to derive from this stunt, since he wasn’t even awake to hear my muffled scream. Lucky for him, Caleb was eager to share the details over breakfast Saturday morning. Is this life with boys? I’m secretly overjoyed while pretending to be annoyed.

The morning news reported the 4th of July fireworks (which were postponed due to rain last week) would carry on despite a 40% chance and ominous skies. The only thing that could cancel it again would be “heavy rain”. Hear that, peeps? We’ve become such a soggy State the past few weeks that we now classify our rainfall in terms other than “raining” or “not raining”. There are now things like normal rain, heavy rain, all day rain and never ending rain.

We decided to load up the kayaks and spend the morning on Lake Oliver. We paddled about five miles total, with a break or two along the way. We beached the kayaks on an island and played in the water as the clouds rolled over. Water temperature was certifiably insane. Unbelievably cold for July. We trekked back to the marina with chattering teeth.

I’ll be leaving the big camera at home until I can find a waterproof bag. The kayaks take on a lot of water with the boys climbing in and out. None of the gear we carry comes home dry so I’m wary of electronics other than our phones. By the way, I finally joined instagram. I’m decidedly bad at Facebook, but photos are a language I speak better.

The 4th of July on the 13th of July went off without a hitch. Yes, everything was wet, but it was also the first 4th I’ve not sweated a single drop while waiting for the fireworks to start. I’ll take it.

Better late than never!