We had the type of weekend that whizzed by with barely a hello, leaving us with hair blown back, eyes wide and wondering where did the time go? I guess it’s true what they say. Time flies when you’re having fun. And except for a small incident involving the car and the Walmart parking lot, every moment was epic. But actually, in hindsight, the “incident” was a special kind of epic too.

It happened after we’d raided the sports section and tried on four different life jackets (a piece) possibly leaving them all on the wrong racks and definitely the wrong hangers. After checking out with our jackets and a box of frozen breadsticks we piled into the car and tried to go home. We have one of those cars with the push to start ignition. And there’s no better way to feel more helpless that when you push that button and nothing happens. Because you aren’t cranking a key, you feel a little more like the car is in charge. Is the car battery dead? Is the key battery dead? Does the car just hate me right now?

“Maybe we’re out of gas?” was Jackson’s helpful suggestion, while Caleb repeatedly pressed the button with increasing degrees of desperation and I dug the car manual out of the glove compartment. A few scary minutes later we realized the gear shift had been knocked into reverse and thus the car refused to crank. Problem solved. Our car is too smart for us.

Saturday morning Caleb asked me if there were any unresolved projects to work on other than the hall closet. (Confession: our weekend of flooring didn’t allow enough time to completely finish and the linen closet is still sporting bare concrete.) I could think of at least a half dozen things to work on, but instead I said “Not a thing” and off we went on new adventures. 

The new life jackets:

004 006 003 02 009 010 011