back to school


Yesterday was crazy. In just about every sense. The first day of school always is, but no matter how much I prepare myself mentally, I’m always freshly appalled at how long it takes me to pack lunch before coffee, how we squeeze in the door after the first bell even though I woke up a half hour earlier than I thought I should and how many many MANY cars are in the pick up line before 2:30.

And of course, yesterday was crazy because I sent not only my 2nd grader, but also my kindergartener off to school. That’s right. My last baby is out the door. I no longer have a job as “MOM” between the hours of 7:00 and 3:00. I always thought the first five years of life was the hardest. Diapers, sleepless nights, cleaning spaghetti off the floor and timeout ten times a day is nothing compared to how hard it is to reach the age of five and begin teaching them how to leave. Giving them a push out the door when you really really want to lock them inside forever.

I could go on lamenting all day.

I have the time.


Instead, I’m going to the grocery store. I’m going to wash all the sheets in the house. I may walk the dogs for an extra long time. And I’ll for sure be really happy to see these guys when they get home.