barney and rocky


It all started when we were at the beach a few weeks ago. On day two (the day we said goodbye to the algae bloom and found a beach with clear water) Jackson found a hermit crab near the shore. He showed it to everyone within walking distance, gave it a name, and lovingly toted it around all morning. The question of whether or not “Hermie” could survive the trip home and become a permanent pet was much discussed and eventually dismissed. I could not have endured the trauma of an overturned bucket of salt water in my car. My sanity was already being picked apart by all the sand granules waving at me from the floorboards and cup holders.

Turning the hermit crab back into the water and leaving the beach only sparked more crustacean discussion. Jackson has been asking for a pet snake for months but Caleb and I have not been able to commit. For one, I’m not ready to house dead mice in my freezer. For two, ball pythons live 25 years and Jackson will be leaving for college in 11. I’ll give you one guess who’s most likely to inherit the snake responsibilities.

With his snake dreams on hold, Jackson decided a hermit crab might be a acceptable alternative. And hallelujah they don’t live 25 years or require thawed vermin.

02 002

There’s two of them living in an aquarium in the boys’ room. They’ve had a few name changes over the past few days but the final verdict is in: Barney and Rocky.

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