better late than never


There were a couple of things that I really wanted the kids to learn this summer. They were things I’d let hang around my neck for the past few years. Which is ridiculous because there’s no rule that says you have to ride a bike before going to Kindergarten. Jackson did not pick it up well until recently.

Jonathan got a bike for his birthday in March and I thought I’d have him riding by the end of the summer, no problem. It only took one good fall (with the training wheels still on) for him to decide he never wanted to get on the bike again. No amount of coaxing or reasoning would change his mind. I finally just let it go. And boy did it test my patience to pass that bike hanging in the garage collecting dust all summer.

Caleb had to keep reminding me that Jon does things on his own time. When he wants to do it, he will. I just have to wait until it’s his idea, not mine.

008 007 02 006

Sure enough, after watching Jackson zoom around the parking lot, he decided to come down from the safety of the truck bed and climb on the bike. He was NOT okay with me letting go (as proven by the iron grip he had my arm), but at least he was willing to sit on the seat and pedal.

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