epic beach


We’re back from the beach. Actually, we’ve been back for a few days, but Caleb had extra time off and we were content to pretend the vacation didn’t end just because we left the shore behind. Part of me wants to claim that it wasn’t enough time on the beach, but the other part thrilled to be heading home knowing I’d owned every minute of salty waves and toasty sand. I watched the last of the brightly colored beach shops pass by my window and told Caleb I’d much rather be sad to go than relieved to be headed home. It was just enough vacation to soothe my soul and leave me wishing for more at the same time.

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We arrived early enough on the first morning to head straight into the sand. Forget checking in, unpacking the car and eating food that isn’t wrapped in plastic. When you’ve been salt water deprived for almost a year the first priority is finding the nearest boardwalk over the sand dunes.

Our first look at the water seemed a bit unusual. I later discovered we’d chosen an area ripe with what the locals informed me was a “huge algae bloom”. The icky green stuff floating in the water deterred us for all of 10 seconds before the boys plunged right in, but I did look around and notice we were some of the few people venturing out. I’d be lying if I said that didn’t make me nervous. And leave it to me to voice my concerns and give Caleb a plate full of amusement to snack on for the rest of our beach trip.

Me: “I think we should get closer to the shore. I don’t like being this far out.”

Caleb: “Why?”

Me (whispering hoarsely): “Look around you… we’re the only available meal!”

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We greeted the sunset water-baby style, on the splash pad.

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The next day we were kindly pointed in the direction of a “cleaner” beach and along the way we located Krispy Kreme. My kids have a built in GPS that only points to donuts. The chocolate covered, caramel filled kind with tiny sprinkled kisses on top. The kind that must only be cleaned off grimy hands and sticky faces with a good wave of salt water. Thank goodness for the ocean.

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Epic is the new favorite word around here. I think we’ve successfully redeemed the project-overloaded first half of our summer with an epic ending. School is a week away and the backpacks are full of #2 pencils and fresh white paper. But for now my mind is still with the ocean.

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Anonymous said…
wonderful pics, sweety. i feel so refreashed with the little vicarious visit. thanks. 123 me