in review


I made it to Friday! I really did. Week one with both my boys in school and me home alone (if you don’t count the dogs, chickens, and crabs) four days a week. What did I do during all that time, you ask? Actually, I did what I always do just with less interruptions and more QUIET. Yeah. I’m definitely not used to the sound of no sound, so Tuesday and Thursday I turned on the TV and let Sesame Street run in the background. Which made me think of Jon. Strangely, that kid is loving Kindergarten and I’m the one having a hard adjustment.

I learned a lot this week about being sans kids for long periods of time.

Things I’m better at:

Keeping the house clean. I’ve never experienced our house devoid of toys for so many uninterrupted hours.

Running. I guess “I don’t have time” isn’t a valid excuse anymore.

Making lunches. See above.

Ironing. I live in a house full of guys who own button down shirts that have never been acquainted with an iron until this week.

Things that still stink:

Shopping. I seem to be at a complete loss without kids to keep me scrambling as fast as possible for the exit.

Dogs. No matter how much time I have, I still don’t have time to bathe them.

Making the first bell. There’s an unspoken rule that allows us to be tardy the first few days and we’ve used it up.

Waiting for the bus. It’s two minutes late and I turn into a rabid mother. Bring me my kids now!!!

So yeah. There’s ups and downs and I’m still working through them and figuring this thing out. Bring on the weekend. We’re going to eat it up.

Happy Friday!