when you have lemons


Don’t get me wrong. I like taking my kids to the grocery store. It always an opportunity for a learning experience and there’s nothing quite like watching them eagerly pick apples and tomatoes and pile them into the cart. But there are a few downsides, the biggest one being that we have more chips, crackers and cartons of ice cream in this house that I can ever remember having before.

What can I say? There’s two of them and one of me. AND THEY KNOW IT.

One day last week Caleb opened the freezer door and I saw him shake his head before muttering “Is this a different box of ice cream sandwiches?”

Yes dear. The other one was half empty. And by the way, have you seen our kids in the freezer section?

Summer is almost over and then things will go back to normal. At least, that’s how I’ve justified it to myself four times this week already.

Anyway, the grocery store. Last week. One of the more benign things we walked away with was a whole sack of lemons. Jonathan saw them and developed instantaneous tunnel vision. Nothing could possibly ever be as beautiful or amazing as those yellow lemons. Can we have them? I’ll positively die if you say no! And since they weren’t ice cream sandwiches I said yes.

I can think of several recipes that could have rocked these lemons. Lemon bars, lemon pie, lemon tarts. At that moment there was already a cake on the counter, popsicles, ice cream, chips, etc. So we went with simple lemonade. Homemade style, with all the joys that come of fresh squeezed.

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