Did you know that kids start reading chapter books in 1st grade? Well, I didn’t. Not until Jackson started coming home from school with them. 100 pages and pictures only on every fifth one (if you’re lucky). I was ecstatic. I’ve always loved to read so I immediately pictured him curled up in a chair on a Saturday afternoon devouring a book by the hours.

And then summer arrived. And I couldn’t get him to read a thing. I tried Boxcar Children, Magic Tree House, and all the usual favorites. We even tried bribing him with money for every book he completed. Still not happening.

Fast forward to 2nd grade. One day he came home with yet another chapter book from the library. Except this time a fire had been lit. And now he rips through those books like I go through peanut M&Ms. I’ve been to the library twice in the past week just trying to keep some unread literature in front of him. 

I hope this teaches me to chill out a little.


In their own time.


Sarah T. said…
!!!! is he reading Junie B. Jones!?? Love it!!