guess what


It happened this morning at 6:15. I was half asleep and still in bed, wishing I could pretend it was already Saturday and I was having ice cream in my coffee and eating cold pizza from the night before. Suddenly Caleb came out of the bathroom, flipped open the blinds and stared into the backyard in disbelief.

“Jackie, one of your chickens is crowing.”

“Nuh-uh” This reply being a cross between no way (it’s too early to joke about that), um no! (you’re horribly mistaken) and WHAT?? (oh please, oh please no).

Truth is, I knew exactly which bird he was talking about even before I leaped to the window and got an eye full. The younger chickens are 20 weeks now and for some time I’ve noticed something different about Emu, the black australorp. I just didn’t imagine the something different was that she is actually a he. But I should have guessed. First there was the fact that she/he towers over the other hens, has huge stocky legs and took forever to grow feathers. And when those feathers did come in there was just one long round one hanging from her/his tail. Now you can see she/he’s grown a few more to keep it company.

011 012

Although I didn’t actually hear the crowing this morning, I have to reluctantly admit that all the signs are there. Houston, we have a roo. And now to come up with a list of boy names. Suggestions include: Snafu, Foul-Up and my favorite, Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That.

BUT WAIT! There’s more. Call right now and get a second roo absolutely free! Just pay processing and handling and blood, sweat, and tears.


The shadow of doubt has been cast and Lady G is also under suspicion. She may be a Laddy G.


Check out her large comb and pointed saddle feathers. And while this one acts considerably more like a hen than a rooster (in my limited opinion) I’m still unsure.


While I was taking these photos a car went by on the street and you’ll notice which two birds stuck up their heads to check for a threat.



Anyone wanna make a guess? Feel free to weigh in.


Anonymous said…
Sorry, hon, but they BOTH look like roos (not kanga types, either).
Should make for some interesting cross-bred chicks, if you choose to let it get that far.
PS-chicken and dumplings is another answer to consider, for non-vegetarian types. The roos do look more ornate than the hens, but they eat and eat and NEVER give eggs:)
Anonymous said…
It is remarks like this that make me laugh and miss Jon and his lovely wife.