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Hi friends.

It’s been a while.

Couple of things that floated my boat this week:


Wheatgrass. I am lately quite obsessed with growing it. We always have a batch in the works. It adds a lovely splash of green to the kitchen shelves for the nine days it takes to grow to this height, and then we harvest it and start over. The juice from wheatgrass is ultra healthy. And it also makes a great chicken treat.

004 003

In an hour the five of them will have demolished this wheatgrass down to the roots.


Sidenote: we still have rooster issues. Obviously. Last night I dreamed the roos were having a crowing contest and we were visited by the police for disturbing the peace. You can probably guess what it is like at our house at 6 AM… and 10 AM… and 3 PM… etc. I literally hear roosters everywhere now. Like when you get a song stuck in your head and it plays over and over? Yeah. Like that, except crowing. In the car, at the grocery store, at the running track, at the lake.


Calvin and Hobbes. I bought Jackson a comic book yesterday and haven’t heard from him since.


Some things will always be cool.


Fresh Market. I rarely take the boys in with me because, let’s be honest, the people who shop there are men in ironed jeans, ladies in high heels, and cute little housewives fresh from yoga (not the sweaty kind). And none of them think it’s funny to see two kids sniffing every jar of jelly beans on the candy bar. 


Upon walking in the door, Jackson promptly declares this place to be “AH-MAZING!” and “How come you never bring us here?!”


And on the way out the door he points to a huge display of strategically stacked jars of apple cider and tells Jon (quite loudly) “That’s a LOT of apple alcohol! People could really get drunk on that!”

The cashier gives me an odd look and says “Why does he call it ‘apple alcohol’?”

“I have no idea, but this is why I don’t bring them in here.”


Decade Day. Every time I promise I’ll do it better next year. And then it creeps up on me and I forget to add ‘bellbottoms’ and ‘fro’ to my shopping list so I’m digging out white tees and slicking back hair for another rerun of Grease.

These are such loving and sweet photos of my kids. Wait… are those my kids?


There they are.


Marian Frizzell said…
First off: why are you so cool? <--that's in relation to the wheatgrass. After that, Calvin and Hobbes--yes. Absolutely yes. And after that, I love Fresh Market too...although it's been more years than I can count since I've been in one.