water and a $9 wrench


I got invited along on Caleb’s bike ride down the Chattahoochee river walk. And this is where we discovered our opinions on what to pack for a biking trip vary slightly. For instance, I refused to carry a water bottle because of the weight, but then I stuffed 12 pounds of photography equipment into the bag. Also, he suggested we only carry our IDs and I insisted on nothing less than his entire wallet.

One thing we both agreed on was the location. 


Two miles down the trail I was dying of thirst. Dying. At 90% humidity or so. To make matters a little more interesting, amid the thick air, signs that warned us of “alligator habitat” and a cannon on a hill, my bike had a malfunction. Something having to do with the back tire and the gear shift, and leaving me totally immobile. Options were limited without a tool to fix the problem. Caleb would have to ride back to the truck and drive down the road to pick me up. Thankfully he was unwilling to leave me in the “alligator habitat” alone so he hoisted my bike and we trekked over the hill in the general direction of the highway.

And there it was. A gas station. And because we had a wallet we could buy water, which I gladly made a place for in my camera bag, and a $9 wrench.


The kind of adventure I’m crazy about.