a small patio project


Last week was crazy cakes. We were working like dogs trying finish up a project we started the week before. Funny thing about these projects, they always, always take longer than you think. Additionally, we didn’t really have a plan when we started. I mean, we were just standing outside the back porch Monday morning talking about how nice it would be to have a patio and next thing I knew we were in the garage fetching shovels. And then Caleb starts telling me how much digging we’ll likely need to do and I’m having flashbacks to the last dirt relocation project, which lasted months.

Oh, and this:



Nipping at our heels and expected to douse us with rain by the end of the weekend. Being that short on time meant I was working on the patio during the day while Caleb was at work, and he was working on it at night after dark. Just for the record, I don’t recommend it. Thursday we had the ground leveled and prepped enough to start installing the bricks, which I did. I transported and laid all 2000 pounds of pavers that morning, but after Caleb got home we realized I hadn’t left sufficient spacing between them, so we had to pull them all up and start again, in the dark, with a headlamp and floodlights.

No picture could adequately depict how much fun that was, so here’s one of the finished patio instead.


It’s a great place to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning or watch the chickens in the afternoon.


We constructed a heavy duty planter box to separate the end of the patio from the yard. And I planted a few kale plants in there, which may only last until the hens discover them.



Anonymous said…
I so like this spot and your spunk. It looks like something from SL and you and the C are awsome! 123me