fresh air and dry brownies


In my best we-are-not-sitting-around-doing-nothing-today voice I dragged the kids away from their legos Saturday morning and into the car. Stale Saturdays are among my least favorite things ever, and letting the clock creep past noon without venturing beyond the kitchen or switching off the wii is a recipe for disaster. Not that there is anything wrong with spending a day “chilling” but we seem to function best in an environment where we’ve accomplished something big or at least breathed fresh air for an hour or two. Since there weren’t any projects in the works Saturday morning we hit the outdoors.

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Another weekend adventure: Brownies.


I usually stick around to crack the eggs and then leave them on their own for the rest. This saves my sanity and all prospects for their future kitchen endeavors. But this time I buttoned my lips and stayed in the kitchen to observe the entire process. Historically the boys made some of the driest baked goods I’ve ever experienced. And since Jackson is very good at following recipes I haven’t been able to figure out why until now.


2 kids x everyone wants to whisk = over-mixed brownies.


We’re working on it.


Anonymous said…
glad you are teaching them how to cook early..... they will be little masters soon and they can cook for you! 123 Me