greener grass


With a title like that this post could be filled with metaphors, but actually it’s really and truly about greener grass.

Even though I knew Mom and Dad had brand new grass all around the lake house, it was still shocking when we pulled into their driveway. The dogs were ecstatic. No more muddy conditions. Trips to the lake usually meant they’d be walking around like little abominable mud puppies, complete with clay dreads hanging from their ears. Now all the mud has been replaced by grass. 

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Dogs weren’t the only ones loving it.


And my personal favorite new addition: the stone patio on the edge of the water. We started Fall off right with a s’mores party. Jonathan is not patient with many things that require sitting in one spot, but during this time around the fire pit we discovered he is an exceptional marshmallow roaster. He gets it from Caleb.


Jackson and I are a little more about instant gratification. Catch it on fire, blow it out, call it done.