pumpkins + the weekend


Last year we concluded our trip to the pumpkin patch with three of the roundest, most perfect pumpkins we could find. Really, no idea why my kids are so picky, but we held up and examined tons of specimens before we found the ones. We passed them up the line of eager hands, like firemen with a bucket, into the back of the truck because everyone wanted a part. Then we drove off into the sunset… and endured the rest of the trip home with much wailing and gnashing of teeth as our pumpkins played fruit basket turnover in the truck bed. To be fair, we were new to the world of truck ownership and didn’t know we were setting ourselves up for pumpkins rolling around every turn in the road.

This year I decided to be smart and saved a few cardboard boxes to secure the pumpkins in. Caleb was busy strapping Jonathan into his carseat when I chucked them into the back of the truck.

Me: “I saved some boxes so the pumpkins won’t roll around this year. Should I just throw them in the back?”

Him: “That was good thinking. Yeah, just put them back there.”

Ten minutes later I learned what happens when you test unsecured cardboard in 75 mph winds. We pulled onto the interstate and I heard a faint thumping sound. Caleb and I both turned and looked out the back windshield at the same time. The boxes were leaping up and down, like two kids trying to outdo each other with the right answer.

Him: “You didn’t weight them down or anything?!”

Me: “You didn’t tell me to!”

This is undoubtedly a safety hazard, but the sight of them briefly flying into view every few second was so ridiculous that we laughed. The kind with tears. The kind you shouldn’t do while driving.

I still have some things to learn. And just so you know, the boxes made it.

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A bouquet Jonathan picked from our yard and the pumpkins I ‘rescued’ from a carving.


Happy because five is not too old for a play phone.

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Pumpkin carving gets more elaborate every year.



Marian Frizzell said…
Missing real fall this year...so thank you for letting me enjoy a little bit of yours.