the fair


If I had a favorite month it would be October. And not just because my anniversary happens to fall there.

There’s also the air, which is just crisp enough to encourage leaving the windows open all night but not yet cold enough to make it painful scooting out from under the covers in the morning.

There’s the light, which is creamy and Fall-ish and wakes my kids up a half hour later than usual.

There’s the eggnog, which will only be on the shelf for three months so you know I’m not wasting any time.

And there’s the Fair, which I wait for all year.

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Each year we succeed in coaxing Jonathan to try a few more rides than the year before. He always has the most awful look on his face, but ends up reluctantly admitting how much he liked it. Jackson, on the other hand, rides everything he’s tall enough to climb into, even if I have misgivings and he comes down the steps afterward completely nauseated.

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This is a miniature cow called a Zebu. I now know what I want for Christmas.


Anonymous said…
Jonathan looks like he is floating in one of these and i really like the pic of daddy's hand holding both boy's hands. 123 me
Anonymous said…
Everyone likes calves when they are small and cute...look up ADULT Zebu cattle. Be careful what you wish for!
(Love the post!)