boys’ bunk room


My mom and dad spent a good portion of the summer making improvements to the lake house. Most of the projects were big, like outside help kind of big, but there were a couple of things that Caleb and I figured we could tackle. Doing things for ourselves is always great, but there’s something extra awesome when you can use your tools/skills for someone else.

This is the upstairs room at the lake house and Mom calls it “the honeymoon suite”. Maybe because it’s on the top floor and completely removed from the rest of the house, or because you open the door every morning and get an eye full of gorgeous fog creeping over the lake, or because Caleb and I always stay in that room (I prefer to think it’s this last one). The honeymoon suite got a brand new bathroom, new wood floors and a paint job over the summer. The room is pretty large and has two walk-in closets and a third smaller closet. That was way more storage space than Mom felt the room needed so she decided to convert one of the closets into a bunk room for Jack and Jon.


Caleb took careful measurements of the closet and then we built and stained the bunks at our house and trucked them up to the lake one weekend.


We constructed the beds to attach to the wall on three sides and (hopefully) not require any additional support. The top bed went in without much problem, but the bottom bed gave us a run for our money.


It took the better part of a Saturday and four adults to get them installed. Comic relief was a necessity.


Mom and I manned the vacuum cleaner and passed tools and screws back and forth to the men.


Check it out. A little bitty bunk room, perfect for little boys who love to hide away and whisper secrets.

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I hope my kiddos know how blessed they are to have a home away from home as wonderful as this.