a little Christmas decor


This is by far my favorite holiday, but this is for sure the first year I’ve come to understand why people start Christmas prep in November. There’s teacher appreciation, and snacks for the karate studio, and 18 reindeer to paint on 18 kindergarten t-shirts before the Christmas program on Wednesday. Oh, and lets not forget the overdue library book, which I cannot find ANYWHERE. Also, for many years I’ve been under the delusion that Christmas parties were for adults who didn’t have children (or lucky enough to snag a babysitter). Turns out Christmas parties are for parents (of young children) who haven’t learned the art of “NO”. We’ve survived two and still have two to go. Send help.


So Christmas and I are still tight, but I may greet January a little ragged around the edges and missing a few more of my marbles. I haven’t been as crafty with the décor this year, but I did drag out my glue gun and ribbon yesterday and embellish the boys’ new stockings.


I get a little starry-eyed when the Christmas decorations start hitting the shelves. There aren’t many things I like as much as glittery ornaments, cable knit wrapped coffee mugs, and quilted reindeer. But our attic space is limited and the rational part of my brain balks at purchasing new things that will only see the inside of my house one month out of the year.


However, I did buy new stockings this year. We’d been using some that were the really long and thin variety and kind of looked like real socks. Super cute and only practical if you’re buying pencils and candy sticks. It’s crazy how excited I am to have more options this year. I embellished these plain stocking with a few ribbons and some greenery from our backyard.


I’m human and my surfaces collect dust too and the lamp that normally resides beside the typewriter was broken last week during a roughhousing match. Reality. I’m reluctant to replace it with anything I like too much.

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Our living room doubles as an office space. It’s a necessity for our family since we like to be together but spend a lot of time doing computer related tasks. Having the computers in here isn’t my favorite thing ever, but it helps when we keep it clutter free and incorporated into the rest of the room.


Kitchen shelves got a few festive things and I commandeered the chalkboard menu. The boys’ gingerbread house is on a high shelf because Jon claims candies from a package aren’t nearly as tasty as ones picked from the eave of a gingerbread house.


Marian Frizzell said…
Hmm, good thing you didn't name Jon "Hansel". He could've had an unfortunate end while wandering around the woods with his bread crumbs...
oh i love your home- gorgeous colors and a nice mix of modern and rustic!
adorned floral said…
I love the chalkboard message so much.
I just fell in love with your home! Can you still use that awesome typewriter?