icicles and fort hamp


The car line was slow-poking along yesterday morning so I got a long look at the boys walking into the school building after they’d piled out of the car and waved their goodbyes. It was barely above freezing so I was mentally rushing them toward the doors when they both stopped suddenly and stared up at the eave of the school. The cars crept forward and I was blessed with a view of their faces full of excitement at the remnants of icicles clinging to the roof.

Sometimes living in the South isn’t the easiest thing this time of year. I’m a fan of our mild temps, but poor Jon has been begging me for snow since it turned cold enough to wear sweatshirts. I’ve given up reminding him that I can’t open the heavens and make it snow, and instead I just say “Okay, I’ll pray for some tonight.” And I tried to make their fort especially magical this year. They may not see real snow, but they’ll be sleeping with icicles and snowflakes and book paper chains and lots of love.

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Fort Hamp through the years:

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Marian Frizzell said…
I. love. this. I know I say this every year, but seriously. So much fun.