thanksgiving weekend in photos


I finished wrapping up the Thanksgiving weekend yesterday. It took me an unusual amount of time to go through the photos, unpack the bags, and figure out what to do with all the pumpkins around the house. All the tasks kept getting interrupted by my personal war with the squirrels over our bird feeders. They are smart, sneaky, and greedy. And they spend the morning driving away the cardinals and stuffing their faces with seeds. And I spend the morning tiptoeing out the front door and taking shots at them from behind the corner of the house. Mostly I only succeed in scaring them off for a little while and then I obsessively watch out the back window for them to come back. Rinse and repeat. It’s starting to feel a little unhealthy.

Anyway. It was good to spend the weekend in a place where my sanity is less questionable and the wildlife is less gluttonous.

My favorites from the weekend:

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