the family photo 2013


Not gonna lie, I had a few doubts about whether we were going to have a family photo in 2013. It seems the older we get, the more we scatter and sometimes we even go months without being all together in the same place. Schedules and all that. Thank goodness for Thanksgiving. After gorging on food Thursday we carved out Friday afternoon for awkward laughter, good natured grumbles, and how fast can I yank rollers out of my hair while everyone else taps their toes in the foyer. The photographer should really NOT be late, but as the only sister I consider it well within my rights.


I made sure not to interrupt any important football games this year. With all these men that’s a no-brainer.

006 010

My parents. I love how happy they are together.


Berani managed to squeeze into quite a few of our photos but this was the only intentional one.


My little crew.


AND… one golden shot.


special thanks to my Uncle Mike for taking our group shots this year.