a look at 2013

How was your Christmas? Ours was decidedly lazy. The best. And the school break isn’t over for a few more days so the boys have been living in their pajamas, creating mock Lego battles and successfully convincing me to leave the fort up for just one more night. I haven’t taken the tree down even though it hasn’t been watered since before Christmas and is looking quite crispy.

On lazy days I struggle with the nagging feeling that we haven’t accomplished enough, put forth the effort to make a unique and memorable day. But as I was looking back through photos from the past year I realized just how much we conquered and how much we learned. We put a trampoline in the ground, a second kid in school and a chicken coop in our backyard. We tried our hand at keeping hermit crabs and decided we may be snake people after all. We suspended two kayaks from our garage ceiling and laid wood floors in our living room. We paid $15 in library fees and read enough books to make up for it (I hope).


Anonymous said…
Awesome! I love it :)