assorted chocolates day


Valentine’s Day means something a little different around here than it used it. I’ll be honest, this day is a much bigger deal than it ever was before we had kids. “Bring me flowers on any day except the day the world tells you to,” I’ve always said to Caleb. So yeah. I’m one of those.

Times change and two kids in school means I have to take a deep breath and plunge into the red and pink aisle in search of the required party items. And let’s not forget the 36 classmate valentines that I waited until the epic last minute to throw together, meaning it was a full blown family affair at 7:30 last night. After we’d herded the kids into bed, I blearily unplugged the glue gun and scooped giblets of color paper into the trashcan. Then I started yanking open the kitchen cabinets and mournfully complaining “Why isn’t there anything sweet in this house?! I just want some chocolate.” Which is when he sort of smiled a little and magically produced a sack of assorted Hershey’s nuggets from the back seat of his truck.

He speaks my language. I think we’ll call it love.

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thanks to my brother, Michael, for the photos.