the lodge 2014


A couple of weeks ago Dad took us all on vacation to a posh hunting lodge here in Alabama. It was awesome and the first time we have been on vacation all together. Not counting the lake house, which is basically a vacation all on its own. Anyway, this seemed like a good time to get away together and go deer hunting, which exactly ONE of us had done before (Dad). And maybe the lack of experience was part of the reason we didn’t bag anything on this trip. HOWEVER, I put that “2014” in the title of this post because there is already talk about a return trip next year. I resolve to be better prepared and equipped, and not accidentally kick the wall of the blind and scare every deer within a mile, so maybe we will have better luck. No deer is worth wearing deer pee, though, just sayin’.


Without having seen it, Caleb and I tried to describe the lodge as best as possible to the kids and alleviate their concerns about living in the woods for a few days. Jackson wanted to know if there was a bathroom and Jonathan kept calling the place “the woodshed”. Imagine their delight upon walking through the door and finding the “woodshed” had actual running water… and a pool table.

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It was very cold, but we spent time outside whenever possible and came back to the lodge to thaw.

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Sarah T. said…
snow day pictures! snow day pictures! ;)