Caleb was away for annual training for two weeks. I didn’t expect to see him during that time, but since he was so close to Mom and Dad’s we had discussed the possibility that he might come meet us at the lake if he could get away for an afternoon. He turned up unannounced one evening, walking up behind us on the dock amidst delighted screams of “Daddy!?!” and (maybe) a little squeal from me.

Lakeside surprises for the win.

He followed up those two weeks of training with a week of leave. The kind where we made no plans, but ended up on an adventure every day anyway. We made a few new favorite spots, urban jungle-d it a few days and wilderness-d it on others. I soaked up the green and stored it away for the winter. It’s impossible to narrow down my top moment, but this is pretty close:

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While we waited for the rain to clear up I took some video of Jack. He is eight and I constantly remind myself to enjoy his childhood as much as I can for as long as is left. His imagination is amazing.


Anonymous said…
The first picture made Joanna and me laugh out loud. :) Love you guys!