lake life and Zee


I fully expected to be completely gung-ho about summer when it finally arrived. I counted down the days right along with the boys (except that I miscounted and thought the end of the school was Wednesday instead of Tuesday) and daydreamed big plans. Sprinkler parties, ice cream outings, crafty afternoons and absolutely no TV.

So far I’ve disappointed myself. Weeks into summer and the TV is one of the only things we’ve done with any regularity. For one, the weather this year has been a bit bonkers. Up until the 1st of June it was still too cold to swim comfortably and then all of the sudden, BAM! It’s 1000 degrees and you can’t play outside between 10-5 without melting. This is why I shouldn’t make plans so far in advance.

On the bright side, we’ve accomplished a few things between episodes of Pokemon. Summer chores and expectations have been established. Beds are made in the morning and breakfast is “help yourself, clean up your mess”. So I guess we’re on the right track and my big plans will happen eventually. At least we have been to the lake and enjoyed dangling our feet in the water and playing on the paddle board. My kids would trade a summerful of crafty afternoons for a day on the dock. Easy.

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This cutie is Zee, Mom and Dad’s new puppy. His puppy antics are so fun to watch, especially since he is such a BIG puppy.

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Here he is with my brother and Mom at a couple months old.

And a couple weeks later:

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We are all sort of enamored with him so there’s sure to be more photos to follow this summer.

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last two photos taken by my Mom!