“How many hours do you think we’ve driven this week?”

We were deep into the highway leading home with kids and dogs asleep in the seats behind us, sunbaked cheeks pressed against carseat headrests. I was making small talk to keep us both awake, but our rough estimation concluded we’d traveled over 11 hours by car during a 7 day period. I guess we could call these the days of wandering adventure. I am smitten with the possibility of new experiences and whispered conversations during the drive home.

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A few favorites from last week’s adventures:

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Teaching Zee to swim. He’ll be a water dog in no time.


The Bat Mobile at Six Flags. And the moment he realized he’d worn the wrong shirt. Thankfully there’s another portion of the park dedicated to Superman. We are redeemed.

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The bridge where you absorb the splash from the waterfall ride. And how thrilling it is to be soaking wet in a theme park.


Being rewarded for sleeping late? I’ll take it.