days of summer


Chopping away at the days of summer around here. In my dreams last night the boys went back to school in (gulp!) 2 weeks, and when their teachers asked them to draw a picture of the best thing they did during the break, I received two nearly identical papers with carefully crayoned stick figures sitting in front of a surprisingly realistic computer screen.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who prays their kid remembers at least one summer adventure to tell on the first day back.

Okay, so we’ve had a lot of what I like to call “off days”. These usually involve me trying to catch up on laundry, make a meal that depends on the oven while I dole out chores right and left. And yes, there’s screen time thrown in there because these boys are 6 and 8. It’s just part of the package.

But we’ve also had lake days, and field days, and playing in the rain days. And we’ve raised a duck. Maybe I’ll promise ice cream to whoever draws a picture of that.

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