duck tales, episode 2


Wobble is a little over a week old now and Caleb is lobbying to change his name to Bandit. Reason being, he is very fast on his feet now and highly coordinated. Wobble no longer fits, but all I have to do is pull up one of the many videos we have of him falling over his legs or getting stuck on his back with his feet scrambling in the air. He’ll always be Wobble to me.


We bathed him in a bowl exactly ONE time. Glad I got pictures because he splashed so much water out that we are resigned to putting him in the tub from now on. He got over his fear of water pretty quickly and is now enamored with it. Every day he makes it his mission to turn the brooder into a swimming pool, one mouthful of drinking water at a time.

09 017

Trips outside are… interesting. At first he wouldn’t leave my hand, but now he spends time exploring and eating random bugs. All is well as long as there is a human in sight, however the minute one of us walks off he peeps in distress and runs after us.


Look, he’s perfected the duck face. Those cheeks!

018 014

He clearly prefers the indoors and even though we have handled him sparingly, he will bed down in your hand or your knee if given the chance.

He could be the most photographed duckling ever. But he changes so much from day to day that I don’t want to miss anything.



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