duck tales, episode 3


Wobble is three weeks old today. For real. Three weeks ago he was small enough to fit in an egg. Two things I kept hearing over and over about ducklings: 1. they grow FAST. and 2. they make a MESS. Both are very true. It took about two weeks for Wobble to really put on a growth spurt but in the past few days he seems to get bigger by the hour. No joke. Also, my delusions about how easy he was to care for as a little duckling have been massively dashed. He spends most of his time flinging water and food all over his box. We call it his nose art.


Daily baths are a necessity. He is now old enough for me to leave him unsupervised for short periods of time. This used to be a huge deal because the minute I’d walk out of his line of sight he would make a LOUD chirping sound, sort of like a fire alarm, until I returned. Someone always had to sit next to the tub during bath time and keep him company so we wouldn’t have to listen to the wailing.


Lately he’s been much less upset about being left alone. I think we’ve entered the “teenager” stage.

015 022

Wobble went with us to the lake last Friday. We were not about to risk repeating the “loose duck in the house” incident.


Thus far he has never jumped into the water at home of his own accord, so I was a little concerned that he would not willingly swim in the lake. I needn’t have worried. He followed the boys right in.

011 020

He’d much rather be with his peoples than sit on the dock alone.

019 021 018

Here he is, standing in the spot where his egg was rescued. It kind of boggles my mind when I think about it. We could have easily said “no” and missed out on this amazing experience. I hope I remember this next time I’m on the fence and uncertainty about the unknown makes me lean toward “no”. I need more YES.


I’m very glad we took a chance and decided to make this a part of our journey.



Anonymous said…
Love it! Thanks hon.
Anonymous said…
YES, 123 me
Andrea said…
He's so sweet. How are you going to be able to say goodbye?!