the effect of a spider


We cleaned house yesterday. Literally. Above and beyond my normal dusting, vacuuming, mopping, etc. We spent hours moving furniture and the refrigerator, inspecting every nook and cranny. This, the epic cleaning fiasco, was thanks to a very impressive wolf spider that scurried across the living room floor Sunday evening. And after that I’m pretty sure there were things crawling on me all night while I tried to sleep.

So we overturned the house on Monday, in a cleaning spree I like to call “Kill all the tiny things!!” and Caleb calls “spring cleaning in June because my wife is crazy”. It’s good for him to remember why we have our pest control service on speed dial and pay them a small fortune to keep my sanity. Thankfully we don’t see many live spiders in the house.

Moving on… because lake photos are preferable to spider legs.

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Anonymous said…
I really like the first bubble picture ...... because the bubbles are colored. Great pics honey. 123 me