going out with a bang


This week is the first full week of school and it’s finally sinking in. I did an epic job of pretending last week didn’t count at all. School started on Tuesday and Caleb took a few days off from work, during which time we did boring but necessary things like replacing the trim around the garage door and vacuuming under the living room rug. Also, this being my third year of public school experience, I’ve learned that the first day is best spent not alone. Otherwise I cannot be held responsible for the calls I make to the office when the bus is thirty minutes late and then completely misses our driveway.

So last week sort of breezed by and suddenly this week I’m remembering the feeling of skidding up to the school door as the bell is ringing. And how quiet the house is during the day. And also looking at the clock at 2:30 and counting down the hour. I hope I get the hang of this again soon.


We spent every last summer minute at the lake, dragging ourselves away on the day before school started. I admit to grumbling about the teachers requiring us to have the supplies lists filled a week before. But then I was doing imaginary high-fives because, trust me, I would have been one of those moms in the cleaned out Walmart aisle at 9:00 pm the night before, searching through tossed shelves for a 10th box of crayons.


Awesome end of summer lakey goodness brought to you by some of my favorite peoples.

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Jack and Jon have been sporting the surfer hair all summer (longer actually) but the day before the first day of school seemed the appropriate time to get it cut.


First day back to school with REALLY short hair. As if I needed something else to get used to. The great thing about hair is that it grows back. The great thing about summer vacation is that it comes around again.

Don’t mind me, I’ll just be over here counting down the days.