a look at 2014

I’m skating into the new year a little behind, arms pin-wheeling and legs precariously balanced on my roller blades. And I’ve decided that’s okay this year. We are adjusting to a life here at the lake. It’s a slower life in some aspects and busier in others. Jack and Jon have successfully completed their first week at a new school. I am positively humbled by their ability to ride the waves of this transition with such chivalry. Maybe I can take a page from their book.

The tail end of 2014 wasn’t the easiest ever and sometimes I feel like the past few months took up the span of an entire year. Sometimes I can’t remember what went before. So when I started back through the photos it was a shock to uncover all the experiences we gathered up. There was a hunting trip, FOUR snow days, and lake swims with no floaties. We conquered a broken arm, two amusement parks, and a 48-inch roller coaster WITH a broken arm. There was dancing in a parking garage, dancing in the rain, dancing on the beach. We hatched a duck. We got attached to a duck. We diapered a duck. We taught a duck to fly. We set a duck free. We missed that duck.

In short.. We lived full.