what amounts to a snow day


We’ve had some seriously moody weather lately. Meaning t-shirts one day and snow the next. Which is pretty par for the course here in the South. We tend to be extra cautious when the temperatures dip below freezing. And by “cautious” I mean a week of 2-hour delayed school days and a completely cancelled “snow day” which amounted to maybe an inch of accumulation. Oh also, the grocery store shelves were swarmed and swiped clean of bread and milk and bottled water. There’s no overreaction going on here. None.

But what did you expect from we-who-see-snow-once-a-year (at best)? And really, this is the only place where you have to keep both your winter and summer clothes side by side in your drawers all through the year. Also, less than an inch of snow may not seem like much, but to Southern children it is phenomenon.

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Marian Frizzell said…
That picture of Jonathan holding the snowball and smirking at you is epic.