beachy goodness


I used to think living on a lake meant you never needed to go to the beach. I mean, why would you? Lake life means spending every day of summer on the dock with your toes in the water, a fresh slice of watermelon in one hand and a book in the other. Or so I used to think. Bonus: no sharks or riptides to worry about. Who needs the beach?!

The reality is that living on the lake is just about the same as living anywhere else. It’s only as wonderful as you make it. There are some days we wake up, breathe in the beautiful view, swim as much as we want and remember to be thankful every minute for lake living. And then there are days when we march past the window with to-do list in hand, we fold laundry instead of soaking up the sun and we forget to have afternoon coffee on the deck. Those days feel like a waste of summer, until I remember it’s all about finding the balance.

So, in the spirit of balance we made time for the beach this summer. Because there’s nothing quite like the marriage of green and blue and purple and white. Because hermit crabs only camp out in salty water. Because it’s a wonderful adventure and a chance to be grateful for five hours in the car together. Because growing a little closer happens whether you expect it or not. That’s why we did it this summer.



Anonymous said…
This is a wonderful post. I especially love the blue sky and white sand that God so beautifully made. I keep comin back to this page wondering when you'll post a new entry, Jackie! You're keepin us waiting. :P

See you Saturday!