Shaw + Caroline | Birmingham Botanical Gardens


Caroline’s roommate urged her to come along on a meetup with a group of friends. She was eager to introduce her best friend to the rest, a hilarious bunch that included Shaw. And although it was well established, Caroline’s sweet disposition and easy laugh soon ensured she fit right into the group.

A few weeks later, Shaw organized a fun day of sightseeing around the city for the group. Fortunately, none of the friends were able to attend… except Caroline.

“Can I still come?” she asked. And of course Shaw was thrilled to say yes.

They shared their first date at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens and decided to return there to shoot their engagement pictures.


I just love the way Shaw gazes at Caroline with love and admiration…


And the way he makes her laugh…

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Anonymous said…
Ahhh these are so phenomenal! I especially love the jungle picture where green leaves encircle them magically. ^_^ Great couple and great photographer!