There are exactly eight more days of school left. That’s one way of describing this situation. The other would be to consider that we’ve made it through 172 days at this point. And when you look at it that way I’m doing good to just be getting the kids in the door before the bell rings, with teeth brushed and shoes on their feet. I gave up on making them brush their hair two weeks ago. I gave up on requiring shirts and shorts to match the week before that.

Teacher appreciation has been and done and now we’re just down to the last few field trips and those pesky days in between, which I is really like movie marathon. In fact, one day Jonathan came home and proudly announced “We watched three movies today!” To which I leaned over his head and mouthed to Caleb “They could have done that at home!”

I get it, though. I’m this close to checking out. I expended the last of my school energy on pink roses and monogrammed beach towels for some very deserving teachers last week. Because let’s be honest, my body may still be motoring through making school lunches, but my brain is parked in a hammock with a book and no agenda. And the teachers still have to make it through those last eight days. That deserves a whole bouquet. Or a day of movie marathon.

Getting our summer on a little early around here:

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