diving with whale sharks


We family road-tripped to the Georgia Aquarium this week to watch my dad and my brother, Jon, scuba dive in in the aquarium’s largest ocean tank. My brothers and my parents are all experienced divers. Jack and Jon come by their aquarium love naturally.



Watching the dive from the other side of the glass was especially wonderful for Jonathan, as this tank contains four of his favorite fish: Alice, Trixie, Taroko and Yushan. Those are the names of the Georgia Aquarium’s whale sharks. My dad has taught Jack and Jon how to identify them on sight.



The tank they dove in has sharks, manta rays, and grouper bigger than me. So we stood (a bit nervously) at the window with our tour guide until the divers exited the tank. Then we got to see several behind the scenes areas of the aquarium, including the fish nursery and the veterinarian surgical suite.

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