Hudson + Chanah | Birmingham Art Museum


The Birmingham Art Museum was a perfect location for Hudson and Chanah’s engagement photos. As we meandered past various painting I could see Chanah’s brighten with appreciation. She sees the subtle differences in each painting and knows what she likes and what she doesn’t.

“This one,” she declares. “Is art.”

“And this one?” Hudson points to another painting that looks exactly the same to me.

“Not art.” Chanah says.

They met at school, in a class that Chanah took by mistake. “Ironic” she told me with a huge smile.

Beyond that, their versions of the story differ a bit. Chanah says she tracked Hudson down on social media, sent him a message that said “Hey, you’re cute. We should hang out.”

Hudson smiles. “I don’t think it said that…. exactly.”

One thing they both agree on is an appreciation for art and a love for each other.

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