Hudson + Chanah | Brook Highland Community Church Wedding


The day of Hudson and Chanah’s wedding dawn bright and clear, despite the earlier threat of Spring showers. Vintage jars filled with sprigs of dainty flowers lined the aisle of the church, echoing the baby’s breath scattered outside the front door. Hudson’s sisters took turns laughing as they made several attempts to put his long hair up in a Samurai bun. “I usually don’t care this much what it looks like,” He confessed with a smile. Hair successfully tamed, Hudson stepped out the front door to wait patiently for a first glimpse of his radiant bride.


Hudson was overjoyed to see Chanah for the first time as his bride.


Chanah was exquisite.


Hudson smiled every time he gazed at her.


With light streaming in the window behind them, Hudson and Chanah vowed their eternal love for each other.



Hudson and Chanah, I enjoyed every moment of your wedding day. Thank you for asking me to capture this special moment in your lives. I wish you both a lifetime of uncontrollable laughter and sunset kisses.


Unknown said…
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