making it to summer


We skipped the last day of school today and pretty much belly crawled over the finishline of this academic year. No triumphant completion for us. The end-of-year attendance awards have already been handed out, lockers were emptied last week and the only things left for lunches are a few cheesesticks and leftovers from last night. I’ll take skip-the-last-day for the win.

I tried to make our fake first day of summer a little more legit by gathering the boys for breakfast a full three hours later than usual and having an come-to-Jesus discussion about our goals for the summer. We came up with some goodies. My favorite: “ONLY two hours of screen time every day”. I’m betting that rule will last about one week.


Scenes from the last few months:



I congratulate myself on having kids who’ve read every Calvin & Hobbes comic book written. Apparently this is not the norm because almost no one recognized the Halloween costumes this year.


Christmas break... two weeks of unmonitored sugar consumption and epic bedhead.


Exploring Caleb's parent's new land and helping with some renovations at the lakehouse.


On the lake, summer activities start long before the school year ends. 039

No more hastily thrown together school projects. Or googling how to spell "Antietam". Fist bumps all around. Better to crawl across the finish line than not make it at all. Am I right?