this is us

a bit about me

I’m a small town girl, who dreams about big cities once in a while. I spend most of my days with a camera in one hand and a paint brush in the other. No, seriously. I painted my kitchen cabinets three times last year.
I love being married to a great guy, who also happens to be a soldier.
We appreciate the solitude of living in the forest, but not the mosquitoes.
My passion for photography wars with my introvert personality. I love photographing my kids and my dog poses for peanut butter.
I listen to way too much country music and sometimes wear cowboy boots around the house just to make my kids laugh.
Jackson is my 6 year old. He loves computers, Legos, scientific books, and all things related to peanut butter.
4 years old and always into mischief, Jonathan keeps me on my toes. He’ll try anything once, but doubtful he’ll ever eat a pickle again.

I believe there’s beauty to be found everywhere, if you look hard enough. Flowers are nice, but my kids are gorgeous.