open letter


Dear Cold Weather,

Please grace us with your presence again. I jinxed myself by writing about how much I love to sleep with my window open and now you’ve decided to visit Nebraska or somewhere equally desolate, but nothing you do will make me take the down blanket off the bed again until at least February. I’ll roast before I’ll give in! Ha!

Seriously, I like my winter coat. I like to wear boots without sweating through my socks. I like to drink hot cocoa without having to sit next to a rotating floor fan.

I would threaten to move to Nebraska, but we all know that’s a load of fish poop.


my sweltering self

ps. I’d like to see these jammies more than four or five times this year, mkay? 


Marian Frizzell said…
totally with you on this one. I just turned the AC on because I'm sweating. I know part of it is being pregnant, but SERIOUSLY. COME ON.
Anonymous said…
Jackie, maybe some day I too will appreciate the cold weather. However, at the moment I cannot relate at all. Weather here in Salatiga is perfect for me. Nice, cool, ocassionally rainy mornings with a mild heat during midday, followed by dark, cool nights with a comfortable level of humidity throughout. :) I love it here, truthfully. I don't know if I'll be ready to leave by the end of the year. :( Fortunately I have plenty to look forward to, like seeing you and your thriving family. :D Love your blog, keep it up!