Wednesday, June 14, 2017

monuments, museums and the metro


For the boys' birthday in March we took a trip to Washington D.C. We’ve spent so much time when they were little trying to instill a sense of wonder and excitement for adventure. It makes me giddy when they want to voluntarily leave behind their comfort zone and video games for a week and explore the unknown. There were a lot of firsts for the boys during this trip. First airplane flight, first Uber ride, first art museum, first pizza slice from a slightly questionable food truck. Okay, that last one was a first for me too.

A ton of photos from D.C….


We are undeniably country folk at heart, but it was fun to pretend to be city people for a few days. 022034

We stuck out like a sore thumb among the metro regulars. Especially the time we all got off the train, quickly realized it wasn't our stop, and scrambled back on before the doors closed. Also the time we were racing to catch a departing train and I almost got stuck in the closing door. Totally regained my composure and nodded to the other passengers like "yep, totally meant to do that." 02

Museums are kind of our love language and we can kill some serious time in one, so we had to pick just a few Smithsonians to see during this trip. Winners featured below.

Natural History:


Air and Space: 010012013

Botanical garden: 028029027

Modern Art: 026025

We set aside a day to view the monuments around D.C. One day is really not enough, but we did our best and covered a lot of ground on that one day. We let the kids set the pace and decide what to see. Jackson accomplished most of the things on his list.


New experiences in food consumption:


Arlington and the 9/11 memorial: 03017024

The best signs of a trip well done: 030

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Hudson + Chanah | Brook Highland Community Church Wedding


The day of Hudson and Chanah’s wedding dawn bright and clear, despite the earlier threat of Spring showers. Vintage jars filled with sprigs of dainty flowers lined the aisle of the church, echoing the baby’s breath scattered outside the front door. Hudson’s sisters took turns laughing as they made several attempts to put his long hair up in a Samurai bun. “I usually don’t care this much what it looks like,” He confessed with a smile. Hair successfully tamed, Hudson stepped out the front door to wait patiently for a first glimpse of his radiant bride.


Hudson was overjoyed to see Chanah for the first time as his bride.


Chanah was exquisite.


Hudson smiled every time he gazed at her.


With light streaming in the window behind them, Hudson and Chanah vowed their eternal love for each other.



Hudson and Chanah, I enjoyed every moment of your wedding day. Thank you for asking me to capture this special moment in your lives. I wish you both a lifetime of uncontrollable laughter and sunset kisses.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

making it to summer


We skipped the last day of school today and pretty much belly crawled over the finishline of this academic year. No triumphant completion for us. The end-of-year attendance awards have already been handed out, lockers were emptied last week and the only things left for lunches are a few cheesesticks and leftovers from last night. I’ll take skip-the-last-day for the win.

I tried to make our fake first day of summer a little more legit by gathering the boys for breakfast a full three hours later than usual and having an come-to-Jesus discussion about our goals for the summer. We came up with some goodies. My favorite: “ONLY two hours of screen time every day”. I’m betting that rule will last about one week.


Scenes from the last few months:



I congratulate myself on having kids who’ve read every Calvin & Hobbes comic book written. Apparently this is not the norm because almost no one recognized the Halloween costumes this year.


Christmas break... two weeks of unmonitored sugar consumption and epic bedhead.


Exploring Caleb's parent's new land and helping with some renovations at the lakehouse.


On the lake, summer activities start long before the school year ends. 039

No more hastily thrown together school projects. Or googling how to spell "Antietam". Fist bumps all around. Better to crawl across the finish line than not make it at all. Am I right?