Friday, May 8, 2015

Bessemer Farm Wedding | Philip+Joanna


Philip and Joanna were married on a sun-filled day, at a beautiful working farm that happens to belong to my second cousin (Hi, Aunt Rhonda!). They could not have picked a more perfect location, or a better day to embrace the joyful love that turns two lives into one.

Philip and Joanna, I am so happy to have been a part of your wedding. I really can’t come up with enough words to express how much I love you. How happy I am for you. How awesome it is to have a new sister. And how much joy I experienced on your wedding day. I wish you an abundance of blessings in your life together.

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Philip and Joanna decided to see each other before the wedding ceremony. I loved being there to capture that special moment.

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The beautiful arbor that Philip and Joanna were married under was crafted by the best man (and also my brother), Michael.

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A couple of golden photos to end the day and catch a glimpse of the love these two share…


Monday, March 30, 2015

little bits


This is my latest little nephew, Noah. He was born several weeks ago and was welcomed gladly by his herd of boy cousins. We know how to do snips, snails and puppy dog tails in this family.




This is the last picture of Jon with long hair. Maybe ever. A few weeks before his birthday he started requesting a shorter hairstyle. And since I’ve always let the boys do whatever they wanted with their hair, he got what he asked for.

085 001

And he really likes it. No surprise there. So chances are he’ll never be mistaken for a little girl again. But if you could peek inside his mother’s head, you’d find he’ll forever look like this:


Curls and all.




We had a lake themed birthday party for the boys last weekend, complete with all you can eat goldfish and “lake water”. It was a sugarful start to Spring break. My brother, Michael, grabbed my camera and snapped these photos of the party so I could better devote myself to cramming the kids’ hands full of gummy worms every time they passed. 

014 09 010



Speaking of the lake. It’s still too cold for swimming but the boys have been asking daily. So we broke out the kayaks on a warm afternoon and donned swimsuits because if you can’t be in the water… being four inches above it is the next best thing. We didn’t quite make it all the way without someone falling in. It was Jackson’s first time on the kid sized kayak that the boys got from their Great Aunt Vickie for Christmas and he “accidentally” went overboard… twice.

05 06 08 07


016 015

Also among the perks of lake life is Fishing. In the interest of being honest, my aunt and uncle caught most of the fish on that string. Because they are expert fisher people and we are… not. However, Caleb did accidentally catch a large one while his pole was unattended on the dock and he was trying to get my line unhooked from a tree branch. And Jackson caught an even bigger one all by himself. Also, after a quick lesson, Caleb filleted most of the fish on the string. Which definitely counts for something because it is a lot harder to fillet a fish than it looks. There’s hope for us yet, I think. 

018 017

iPhone photos. Because fish slime and nice cameras do not mix.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

mount cheaha


I’ve decided the best thing about moving is finding new places to adventure.

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Sunday, March 15, 2015

what amounts to a snow day


We’ve had some seriously moody weather lately. Meaning t-shirts one day and snow the next. Which is pretty par for the course here in the South. We tend to be extra cautious when the temperatures dip below freezing. And by “cautious” I mean a week of 2-hour delayed school days and a completely cancelled “snow day” which amounted to maybe an inch of accumulation. Oh also, the grocery store shelves were swarmed and swiped clean of bread and milk and bottled water. There’s no overreaction going on here. None.

But what did you expect from we-who-see-snow-once-a-year (at best)? And really, this is the only place where you have to keep both your winter and summer clothes side by side in your drawers all through the year. Also, less than an inch of snow may not seem like much, but to Southern children it is phenomenon.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015



I wish I could say a little downtime from editing photos and writing blog posts has done me a world of good, but really I’ve lost some typing dexterity and forgotten how to run photoshop. And that’s all I have to show for a month of silence. Hibernation is a way of life for me. I just accept that every winter I will feel the urge to shut down, burrow in and wait for warmer weather and brighter skies. Cooking soup and baking bread are about the only things I’m good at during February.


Plus I’m still settling in. So there’s that. And this must be the longest “settling in” in the history of ever, but each time I go to think we’ve well and truly adopted a new life here I realize I’m still a little lost. Still a little displaced. Still in between where I was and where I feel I should be going. Still waiting for something… And I’ve decided to give myself a break and be okay with feeling that way. For now.


Normalcy is a relative thing, but we are getting there. Current house count is 3 dogs, 2 cats, various reptiles, 1 great-grandmother, 2 grandparents, 2 parents and 2 kids. We’re spread between two and a half floors of living space, so toe smashing isn’t too much of a problem. But there’s this thing when you live on your own for so many years and then you move back in with your parents and you have a to bend a little this way and they have to bend a little that way just to make everyone fit lovingly together. Oh yeah, it’s called flexibility. I always considered myself to be lacking in that area. But I guess it’s never too late to learn. 

019 017015

This I know: when one is learning to bend, there is no better place than by the lake.

Because this:

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ps. Jackson is reading Harry Potter. I picked just one broom photo out of the ‘loads’. You’re welcome.