Friday, July 31, 2015

Reid Chapel Wedding | Matthew & Priscilla


Their love story was born through Facebook messages and emails, a wartime romance in every sense. While he was away from home, in another land, helping to secure peace for a war-torn region, they found each other in the most unlikely of ways. His family and hers happened to be in the same restaurant on the same day. The mothers met, discussed their children, and a match was made. Despite the distance between them, Matthew and Priscilla grew in love and understanding of each other while they waited for deployment to end and their life together to begin.


The day of their wedding dawned warm and bright as the couple and their closest friends and family gathered at Reid Chapel on Samford University’s campus.


Matthew began the day by donning a secret superhero shirt, which was hidden under his jacket until the reception later that night.


Priscilla was radiant with happiness, encircled by her bridesmaids.


Matthew and his groomsmen were looking quite dapper in their suits and bowties.


Matthew and Priscilla chose to see each other before the wedding in a private moment shared by just the two of them.


After we walked the grounds for a bit they headed back to the chapel.


An officer and his lovely bride.


Later that evening they enjoyed their first dance under the twinkling night sky, while friends and family smiled and looked on.


Matthew and Priscilla, I wish you a lifetime of blessings and happiness in your new life together. Thank you for welcoming me into your special day. Documenting your love was a true honor.

Monday, July 20, 2015

summer well spent


A few of my favorite moment from the last few months…


Dock days and all of the shenanigans we can pack into those two little words…


Farmer’s Markets and popsicles not found in the freezer section…


All the deep conversations held at picnic benches and parks…


And the unhurried passage of summer mornings at the lake. The best.


Friday, July 17, 2015

the thing about short goals


Adjustable basketball goals are awesome for short people, we’ve discovered. Jack and Jon received one from Nana and Grandaddy for their birthday in March and Caleb wasted no time piecing it together as soon as the box was delivered to our driveway. He and I are both a bit vertically challenged, and it’s still too early to know if Jack and Jon will take after us, or be more like their uncles… tall, taller and tallest.


The best thing about the new basketball goal is the ability to lower it closer to the ground. Because trust me, there’d be no assisted slam dunking if the net was at regulation height.


Also, it gives the littlest (and definitely most competitive) member of our family a fighting chance to get the ball in on his own. That’s a win all around.


Now, the not so great thing about having a short goal is what happens when you leave it down low to the ground. And lets just assume Caleb parks his truck in front of it every day (because he does).


Lets just say he has a very tall rack attached to the bed and has to back out very carefully in order to avoid snagging the poles on the basketball net (because he does).

Lets also assume the very first time he let me take his truck to the grocery store I backed out very carefully to make sure I didn’t hit the goal post (because I did).

Lets just say I was so happy with myself for making that three-point-turn without denting anything that I failed to notice the truck rack poles completely entangled with the basketball net (true story).

Lets just say when I hit the gas and zoomed off down the driveway I was utterly flabbergasted when there was a enormous crash and I looked back to see the entire basketball goal on the ground behind the truck (also true).


Lets just assume I won’t be backing the truck out again without supervision (of my own choosing, m’kay).

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Ephesians Farm Wedding | Drew + Kathleen


They met at college and later found themselves friendly coworkers. Kathleen and Drew had a lot of mutual friends which meant they spent a lot of time together, other than at work. “Have you thought about, Drew?” Her friends would ask as they contemplated soul mates together. But Kathleen didn’t like him in that way. Just friends, she thought. Until, out of the blue, Kathleen had a dream about marrying Drew. Surely it was just a random dream, she figured, considering she didn’t even know him that well. But then she dreamed the dream again. And again. For almost a year Kathleen dreamed about marrying Drew, all while praying and waiting patiently for him to ask her out. When he did, Drew knew immediately that Kathleen was the one for him.

They married on a perfect day in a beautiful setting, complete with rolling hills, barn doors, and a rain storm that blew right over with only a drop or two.


Kathleen surrounded herself with a loveliest bridesmaids…


Meanwhile the guys kept the jokes and laughter rolling on the other side of the barn.

015 016

Drew’s reaction to seeing his bride for the first time was absolute happiness…

017 018 019

After the ceremony we made time for a few pictures before we sent the bridal party to kick off the reception.


The couple wandered the grounds of the farm, enjoying their first few minutes together as man and wife.

021 023

Drew and Kathleen, thank you for inviting me to be a part of your wedding day. I hope you have many more days that are equally filled with happiness and laughter.


Monday, May 25, 2015



The airshows around here are always in March. And the weather is always different every year. Sometimes we wear shorts and still sweat half our body weight onto the tarmac, and sometimes (like this year) we freeze in our jackets and long underwear. Fortunately, airshows are an event we enjoy enough to endure just about any kind of weather. Also among the things we endure: long bus lines in the rain and porta-potties… for the first time ever. As in, not only had neither of the boys ever been in one, but neither had I. Being honest here. I just assumed I’d been in enough airplane bathrooms to validate my assumptions of what all boxy toilets are like. So so wrong because of that one major difference. The flush. And now I know.

Also. Jonathan now refers to as a “portal potty”. Enter at your own risk.

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